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South Korea conducts live fire exercise near North border

South Korea conducted a large-scale live fire exercise on April 4, 2016 on the East Sea, where North Korea has been upping tensions with a series of missile and rocket launches supervised by leader Kim Jong-un. The drill involving K-9 self- propelled artillery units and 130mm multiple rocket launchers was held in the coastal county of Goseong, which borders the North.”


Over the past month, Kim Jong-Un has personally monitored numerous rocket and missile launches into the East Sea, including the North’s first test of a medium-range ballistic missile for two years.

Late last month, Kim watched what state media called the country’s largest-ever long-range artillery drill, involving multiple batteries of heavy-calibre units pounding an offshore island from a beach about 120 kilometres (75 miles) North of Goseong.

The muscle-flexing was largely a response to ongoing, large-scale military war games that South Korea and the United States hold every year — much to Pyongyang’s fury.

Monday’s South Korean drill was focused on “mastering more efficient and accurate firing procedures at sea against enemy targets”, the defence ministry spokesman said.

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